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An amazingly simple guide for expats moving to Australia

An amazingly simple guide for expats moving to Australia

11 Dec 2017
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The decision to move to Australia may have been an easy one, but the transition can be tough if you’re not prepared.

So you saw the Australian beaches wave to you and decided to wave back. Smart move. To make this move fun and seamless, you’ll want to make sure you set up on the new soil as soon as possible.

We’ve put together an amazingly simple guide to help you get set up quickly and to ease the stress of your big move to Oz.

before you arrive

You already know the glorious white beaches and “shrimps on the barbie” are waiting for you, but you’ll need to prepare for a bit more than that.

To make the transition simple, there are three big points to work on before you arrive: have a place to stay, have flatmates ready to share rental costs with, and have a job to start.


There are plenty of real estate apps and websites out there, like Rent, which allow you to scour the market, get an idea of rental prices, and submit rental applications. Make sure you’re prepared and have proof of identity, income, and any relevant references ready for your applications.


If you don’t want to front the full costs of renting, you’ll want some likeminded housemates. Websites like Flatmates let you find suitable people who are looking for places in the same area as you.


Once you’ve sorted out your visa, it’ll be important to get onto job search websites and apps as early as possible. Seek is the most popular Australian job-searching site and will give you access to thousands of jobs - you can directly send a cover letter and resume to potential employers.

Individual jobs and properties will often only show up on one website. So the more you sign up to, the more options you'll find.

after landing

With your sunglasses in position and your sunscreen on, you finally step off the plane onto your new home soil and have that exhilarating *gulp* moment – you’ve just moved across the world. Soak it in, but be sure to keep up the momentum – there’s still a few things that you’ll need to take care of.

Get familiar with your new digs, thanks to Google Maps

You can find your way around the busy cities and long urban streets with Google Maps. If you have a smartphone, you can get these maps ready in advance, so you can view your trips offline when you don’t have access to internet.

Find the perfect phone plan

You’ll need a phone number for setting up pretty much everything, from your bank account to job applications. Make sure you set yourself up with a phone plan first thing and make sure it’s right for you.

We can help you out there – our mobile phone plans come with generous data allowances and unlimited standard international calls and texts to selected countries, so you can call and reassure that one relative who spends all day worrying about you that you’re fine.

If you're looking to call back home to the United Kingdom, Malaysia or Hong Kong, then our simple how to call guides will show you what to do in 4 easy steps. Check out these guides for when you need to connect with loved ones back home.

Get yourself a portable battery pack to recharge your phone on the go

after setting up

You’re all set up and it’s time to settle in. A few months into the move, you’ve gotten through the harder parts, so now you can focus on creating a new life for yourself. You’ll be meeting new people through your flatmates and workmates, but there are a bunch of other ways to meet people.

Team sports

Join a casual sports team or register to learn a new sport. You’ll meet a whole new crowd who are eager to have fun and learn new things.


You’d be surprised how many people like the same dorky TV show as you, or can dance with the same confidence. MeetUp is an app designed to help you find these people and organise activities to meet them.

And don't stop there - there are heaps of other apps out there designed to help you start your new life.

Check our our article Apps for expats! Our top eight for living in Australia for essential apps to make your transition into living in Australia seamless and rewarding

With a culture as warm as the sands surrounding it, Australia is a very welcoming country. If you follow this simple guide, your move here can be more fun and less stressful.