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10 Instagram travel bloggers you should be following right now

05 May 2016
Mariah - amaysim blogger


amaysim's content guru

Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or just have a serious case of wanderlust, I’ve rounded up ten of the best travel Instagram accounts to get you inspired for your next vacay.

Be warned – the following Instagram accounts do contain some serious travel eye-candy.

1. Cole Rise: @colerise

A professional photographer, @colerise spends his days shooting for big brands all over the world. Travelling to different parts of the globe and finding unique locations is all part of his job and he documents his journeys with the spectacular photos on his Instagram account. Follow him for epic landscapes, interesting angles and a nice little story to complement each image.

ColeRise on Instagram
Image courtesy of @colerise

2. Kash Bhattacharya: @budgettraveller

Kash is the guy behind the great Budget Traveller blog and Instagram of the same name. His account is a great one to follow because he shows you how to travel the world on a budget, without compromising on style or luxury. It’s full of interesting photos, reviews and practical tips that you can actually use.

budgettraveller on instagram
Image courtesy of @budgettraveller

3. Jessica Stein: @tuulavintage

This account is for the ladies. Jessica Stein is the girl behind Tuula Vintage and let’s face it, her Instagram is as gorgeous as she is. It’s a mix between her travel shots, style tips and pictures of every delicious thing she eats along the way that I like. She captures the beauty of each place she visits; I’ll guarantee you’ll want to go wherever everywhere she goes.

tuulavintage on Instagram
Image courtesy of @tuulavintage

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4. Foster Huntington: @fosterhunting

Foster Huntington is the ultimate vagabond. He’s an absolute legend who quit his job in NYC to live out of his car and spend his days as a surfing gipsy. @fosterhunting is a definite follow for those who want to kick their nine-to-five life to the kerb and drive off into the sunset. Foster travels only in America, so if you’re dreaming of the ultimate USA road trip - he’s your man.

fosterhunting on Instagram
Image courtesy of @fosterhunting

5. Passion Passport: @passionpassport

Passion Passport is a collaborative account that posts submissions taken by a community of travellers, storytellers and creatives. The pictures featured are always incredible and taken from all corners of the globe. My favourite part of @passionpassport would have to be the quotes from the photographers that accompany each photo – they give you a little insight into the place where it was taken. If this account doesn’t inspire you to book a flight, I’m not sure what will.

passionpassport on Instagram
Image courtesy of @passionpassport

6. Chris Burkard: @chrisburkard

Chris Burkard is an adventurer. Follow his Instagram and you’ll be taken along for the ride as he searches for the most remote, wild and offbeat destinations in the world. His photos are truly incredible and the fact that he is a self-taught photographer is just the icing on the cake.

chrisburkard on Instagram
Image courtesy of @chrisburkard

7. Murad Osmann: @muradosmann

Murad Osmann looks at things from a unique perspective. This Russian photographer became famous with his “follow me to” series where he shot pictures of his fiancé leading him around the world. His photos are always full of bright, bold colours and are taken at some of the most iconic destinations in the world.

muradosmann on Instagram
Image courtesy of @muradosmann

8. Eric Rubens: @erubes1

US lad, Eric is pretty handy with a camera; it’s no wonder LG mobile in the US have snapped him up as their ambassador. Eric always seems like he’s on some kind of amazing adventure and if you follow his Instagram or blog, you’ll want to go gallivanting around the globe too or at the very least, you’ll be California dreamin’.

erubes1 on Instagram
Image courtesy of @erubes1

9. Caz Craig Makepeace: @ytravelblog

Craig and Caz from @ytravelblog show you that having kids doesn’t have to stop anyone from travelling. This is a great account for anyone who wants to stop slaving away at their desk and start exploring the world with their family in tow. The @ytravelblog account includes a lot of photos from around Australia so it’s great if the outback is on your agenda.

ytravelblog on Instagram
Image courtesy of @ytravelblog

10. Melissa’s Food and Travel Log: @girleatworld

Melissa is my kind of girl because she knows that the best part of any holiday is the food. Her account @girleatsworld takes you to some seriously beautiful places and shows you the local food along the way. Trust me – you’ll follow her for the view but stay for the food.

GirlEatsWorld on Instagram
Image courtesy of @GirlEatsWorld

I hope these accounts give you a little bit of travel inspiration. Start following and keep dreaming of your next escape!