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amaysim’s social media inclusions explained

Update 6 August 2014 - As of 1 September 2014 amaysim mobile and data plans will no longer include unlimited free access to social media. When you use social media sites this data will be deducted from that included with you amaysim mobile or data plan.
If you’re on AS YOU GO you have the option to add an amaysim DATA pack to your plan, or you can use our AS YOU GO data rate of 7.2c/MB. Check out the blog post on the removal of free social media.

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Hey all!

It’s Phil here, part of the email and social media crew at amaysim (I’m one of the peeps that responds to your emails and Facebook posts).

We get a lot of questions about when you will and won’t be charged for using Facebook through your amaysim SIM. Thanks to the suggestion of a few people on our Facebook page (Chris and Joe, I’m looking at you!) we’ve put together a post on what is included to hopefully answer these questions.

Phil, in amaysim's customer service centre amaysim's Phil is stoked about free social media

What’s included
Using the Facebook app shouldn’t incur charges if you’re within Australia and you’re accessing content housed on Facebook (like status updates, photos uploaded directly to Facebook, comments and material like that). Neither should using m.facebook.com. So opening up Facebook from your phone, for example, shouldn’t result in a charge to your account, looking over or commenting on your friends status updates won’t rack up charges, and neither should checking your Facebook private messages. Uploading photos directly to Facebook should also keep you clear of charges. This is all included in our free social media. If you’re tethering and access facebook.com you should also be fine.

What’s not included
You will be charged or have data taken from the allocated of your relevant plan when you access content that lives on other sites (like links to news articles, YouTube clips, links to photos and other stuff on websites that aren’t Facebook). The reason you’re charged for these services is due to the fact that the information you are receiving is from a third party, or unrelated website (or domain). Standard data charges will be applied for using these services through Facebook. The same goes for Twitter (eg looking at pics that are housed on TwitPic), LinkedIn and other sites that are part of our social media inclusion.

We often have people ask us why they have been charged for Facebook usage. A big culprit of this is Push notifications, or “check in” apps that people have on their Facebook pages. These apps access information from a GPRS service to show what location you are at, and as such are not included in our free social media. We advise all of our customers to turn these services off when they are using their phones to access Facebook if they wish to avoid a charge. Games like Farmville can also result in charges if they’re housed on a third party server or at a separate domain (this is where it can get a bit finicky).

Hopefully this helps clear up any confusion, but let me know if there are other examples of when you will and won’t incur charges that you’d like some clarification on.

If at any time you notice that you have been charged for using Facebook, shoot us an email at social@amaysim.com.au and include your amaysim mobile number as well as an example of when you’ve been charged. We’ll look into this for you right away.


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