We’re always looking for ways to provide great value-for-money mobile plans that genuinely cater to the needs and budgets of all Aussie mobile users. So get ready to say hello to our new mobile and data-only plans.

Off the back of the launch of our small but mighty $10 unlimited mobile plan, designed to give the cost-conscious and low data users choice when from their telco, we’ve been looking for even more ways to give Aussies great bang for their buck.

With data-usage amongst many Australians continuing to skyrocket, we knew exactly what move to play.

So I’m extremely excited to announce our updated suite of UNLIMITED mobile plans, with our $40 and $50 plans packed with more data than ever before. Whether you’re a Wi-Fi hunter or a data-holic, there’s a plan that’s just what you need from your telco.

Check out our new UNLIMITED mobile plans below!

New SIM plans

We’ve also updated our range of data-only plans

Alongside our new UNLIMITED plans, we’ve expanded our range of data-only plans to include as much as 100GB of data every renewal – the perfect fit for data-hungry users, or those who may be located in areas where the nbn isn’t available yet.

From today, our new range of data-only plans will include:

  • 2GB at $15/28 days

  • 5GB at $25/28 days

  • 20GB at $45/28 days

  • 50GB at $60/28 days

  • 100GB at $70/28 days

Ready to upsize your mobile or data-only plan?

All our plans come with no lock-in contracts, so you’re always free to switch to a new one if your needs or budget change. You can make the switch to one of our new mobile or data-only plans in the amaysim app, My amaysim, or by texting the plan you want to 568 – simple!

And that’s not all…

If today wasn’t amazing enough, we just won two gold Money Magazine 2018 Best of the Best awards for our mobile plans!

  • Our new $10 UNLIMITED 1GB mobile plan took out the gold in the Best Value Prepaid Mobile Plan (Low Usage) category

  • And if you’re looking for a plan that comes with international calls, our UNLIMITED 5GB plan was named the Best Value Mobile Plan in the International Calls category

You can read all about the win in our latest blog.


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