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How to add extra Data to your amaysim plan

05 Feb 2015
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When you think about it, data is a lot like chocolate – one taste and it’s hard to stop.

Here at amaysim, we want to give you more of what you love without that sense of guilt that you’d usually feel from a bit of overindulgence. Here are some of the ways you can say hi to more data when you’re running low.

Through My amaysim

The simplest way to add extra data to your plan is through My amaysim, once logged in head to the “My Plan & Data” tab and you’ll be able to choose your desired data option.

Extra data straight at your fingertips

You can also use the amaysim app for iOS and Android to add extra data to your existing amaysim plan - simply head to “My Plan” and select the data top-up you want to add.

Alternatively, you can text the shortcut of your data top-up of choice to 568. So if you would like to add a 1GB data-top up, just type “Top1GB” and hit send.

Which data top-up can I add?

If you’re using UNLIMITED or a data-only plan, you'll be able to add a 1GB/$10 data-top up to your service at any point throughout your plan's 28 day period. The data top-up will be added to your plan’s pool of data and will expire at the same time as your plan.

That’s about all there is to adding extra data - you’ve got to admit – it’s faster than popping down to the shops to stock up on your favourite choccies (but probably just as satisfying).

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