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Smart meters: are they worth the hype?

17 Apr 2019
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For those who may be unfamilar with these next-gen smart devices, you're probably asking yourself; what on earth is the fuss about and are they even smart?

Spoiler alert: smart meters are incredibly smart.

As these nifty devices continue to be rolled out around across Australia, old-style metric and clock face meters will be put out to pasture, so it’s worthwhile understanding how they actually work.

what is a smart meter?

Smart meters are a digital version of your existing analogue electricity meter This two-way communication device automatically sends energy usage to your supplier via wireless technology in 30 minute intervals, allowing energy output to be recorded in real time.

Compared to older meters, these smart devices paint a more detailed picture of how you use electricity. They’re great for identifying sources of high energy usage, so you can investigate sudden jumps in your power bill.

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smart meter perks

Apart from shedding light on your home’s unique power pattern, smart meters offer a range of other useful benefits:

  • Efficiency monitoring - If your electricity supply runs into difficulties (such as a power outage), smart meters are clever enough to detect issues right away and send you alerts in the process
  • Detailed energy consumption data - Want to know how much your air con is costing you? Or how many kWh your clothes dryer is responsible for? A smart energy meter breaks down your energy usage, giving you the tools to become a long-term energy saver
  • Custom energy solutions -The data collected by your smart meter can be used to create battery or solar systems that are tailored to your home.
  • Smoother switching - With smart meters, there’s no need to wait for manual meter readings to occur, making it much easier to connect, disconnect and switch between energy retailers

looking to pair your smart meter with a hassle-free energy plan?

smart meter installation

Since the mandatory smart meter rollout across Victoria between 2013 & 2016, the state has seen the installation of over 2.8 million smart meters. This has enabled Victorians to better understand and manage their household electricity usage

States outside of Victoria are generally providing customers with smart meters once their existing meter needs to be upgraded, however, it’s expected mandatory rollouts will eventually occur

For those in New South Wales or Queensland, if you're interested in having a smart meter installed at your address, be sure to check out our smart meter guide.