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amaysim turns five – we’re feelin’ alive!

23 Nov 2015
Julian - amaysim blogger


amaysim's head chief

I can’t believe little ol’ (or young as the case may be) amaysim is now five years old!

I won’t bore you with an Oscars-speech-style monologue, but will quickly rattle off five of the most amaysim things the awesome team here at amaysim HQ has made happen in the last 12 months.

1. A new long-term agreement

December 2014 – we signed a new long-term agreement with our carrier Optus, which set the wheels in motion to roll out amaysim 4G plans running on the Superfast Optus 4G Plus Network.

2. We launched 4G!

March 2015 – Ready, set, go! We might not have been first off the start line, but we’re definitely winning with our 4G plans which we launched in March with some help from the master Olympic tactician Steven Bradbury.

3. We’ve added even more value for our customers

April 2015 – just when you thought our plans couldn’t get any better we added more data to some of our UNLIMITED plans. Just quietly, your feedback on this was awesome.

4. Our UNLIMITED plans get simpler

November – sticking it to confusing mobile plans that you need a degree in maths to understand, we revamped our offering and launched a suite of one-decision UNLIMITED plans where you just choose your data and get talking, texting and browsing. With our new plans, from $20 to $50, the aim was to offer a choice for all Aussie mobile users from the wallet-conscious to the data-hungry. Mission accomplished.

5. We’re growing up

Along the way we somehow found time to take amaysim from a start-up idea scrawled on some butchers paper to a publicly listed company that’s still fighting for simplicity and using technology to disrupt the telco dinosaurs and take hassles out of Aussie lives.

On that note, let me take my hat Hoff to you, our amaysim customers, and the stellar amaysim team. Thanks for the last five years and onto the next five years.

Julian - amaysim's head chief.