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amaysim takes high score in 2015 CHOICE Mobile Satisfaction Survey

15 Dec 2015
Julian - amaysim blogger


amaysim's head chief

Here at amaysim, there’s two things we pride ourselves on, customer service and providing value for money to customers.

We’re pretty stoked because we’ve been recognised for both as part of the CHOICE Mobile Satisfaction Survey 2015*. Overall satisfaction came in at 82 percent with 84 percent saying amaysim has the Best Value for Money mobile plans on the market.

Findings from independent studies like the annual CHOICE Mobile Satisfaction Survey really validate we’re on the right path.

While we don’t do what we do just to fill up the trophy cabinet, it is incredibly rewarding to hear that our customers are satisfied and believe they’re getting value for money.

We’ll be working even harder now to make sure that we keep living up to this acknowledgment.

Julian - amaysim's head chief

*The CHOICE Mobile Satisfaction Survey 2015 based on findings of over 3,000 CHOICE members was collected in July and August 2015 about their internet, mobile and video streaming service providers.