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Get flexible with a tailored mobile plan

With FLEXI you get $19.90 credit every 30 days to use any way you like. For example, make up to 220 minutes worth of calls or send over 200 texts, all in Oz. You can also use your credit on other stuff like Data Packs, international calls or 13 and 18 numbers.
Plus there’s no worries – if you go over the $19.90 credit on your phone plan, you pay the rock bottom rate of 9c per minute for standard calls and SMS (our cheapest mobile rates yet).

You pay: $19.90 auto-renews every 30 days

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You get: $19.90 credit to spend on the following:
Standard calls (mobile & landline)
9c/min (18c/2mins)
Standard SMS
Calls to 13 numbers
Calls to 18 numbers
Free in Australia
amaysim-to-amaysim (calls & SMS)
500MB (excess 7.2c/MB). Add extra Data
Standard MMS
SIM card
FREE ? Free if plan bought online. Standard, Micro and Nano SIM cards are available. Learn more.
Additional Data Packs:
30 day expiry
30 day expiry
30 day expiry
365 days expiry
30 day expiry

The 10GB Data Pack expires after 365 days. The 1GB, 2.5GB & 4GB Data Packs will auto-renew every 30 days. Calls are charged in one minute increments. You can use FLEXI for smartphones and tablets, but not for Blackberry e-mail. T&Cs and Fair Go policy apply. Critical Information Summary

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