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When you need to budget, amaysim AS YOU GO is the perfect mobile plan. You only ever pay for what you use. With great prices and no lock-in contracts, amaysim AS YOU GO has won gold two years in a row in Money Magazine's 'Best of the Best' awards 2012 and 2013 for best mobile plan for occasional users.

You Pay: AS YOU GO including $5 starter credit, valid for 90 days

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Rates What you pay with AS YOU GO, all Australia-wide
Standard calls (mobile & landline)
Standard SMS
International SMS
25c per SMS sent from Australia
Calls to 13 numbers
Calls to 18 numbers
Free in Australia
amaysim-to-amaysim (calls & SMS)
Standard MMS
SIM card
FREE ? Free if plan bought online. Standard, Micro and Nano SIM cards are available. Learn more.
Voicemail retrieval
Premium SMS
Dependent on 3rd party charges
Call diversion
Standard amaysim mobile rates to the number you are diverted to plus a 20c per min surcharge
19 numbers
Calls are blocked
Video calling (does not include FaceTime)
Domestic video calling
49c per min
International video calling
$2.49 per min
Satellite calling:
Up to 33c
Call rate
From 95c per min to $12.45 per min. Billing in 60/30 second increments.

Looking for extra data?

Add a Data Pack to your amaysim AS YOU GO plan

Additional Data Packs
30 day expiry
30 day expiry
30 day expiry
365 days expiry

The 10GB Data Pack expires after 365 days. The 1GB, 2.5GB & 4GB Data Packs will auto-renew every 30 days.
amaysim AS YOU GO has a 90 day credit expiry. Calls are charged in one minute increments. You can use amaysim AS YOU GO for smartphones and tablets, but not for Blackberry e-mail. Our T&Cs and Fair Go policy apply. Critical Information Summary

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